Missouri Lottery celebrates 30 years

Missouri Lottery celebrates 30 years

MISSOURI (KFVS) - The Missouri Lottery is celebrating 30 years and to help celebrate the Missouri Lottery is launching its first $30 Scratchers ticket, called "$300,000,000 Golden Ticket."

The game offers the most prizes ever, include 15 prizes between $1 million and $10 million, which can be won instantly.

In addition, three more $1 million prizes, along with several prizes of $10,000, $1,000 and $500, will be awarded through second-chance drawings during the year.

The Lottery is now celebrating more than $5.2 billion in profits to state and public education, more than $11.3 billion in prizes to players and retail commissions exceeding $1.1 billion.

"There's no doubt, the Missouri Lottery has made a huge impact on the state of Missouri," May Scheve Reardon, executive director for the Missouri Lottery said. "Not only has it helped provide vital funding to public education, but it's also impacted many Missouri businesses and winners."

The Lottery has gone from first-year sales of $206.9 million to more than $1.15 billion annually, and proceeds of $80 million to an all-time high of $288 million. The Lottery also started with one Scratchers game and now it offers as many as 40 different games at one time and nine Draw Games. Prizes have gone from a maximum of a few million to more than half a billion.

"The Lottery has truly evolved into a key part of Missouri's fabric," Reardon said. "Whether it is providing funding for programs like A+, helping business owners meet their bottom line, supporting local community events or making someone a millionaire, it has made a lot of dreams come true."

Since 1986, many other changes have been made to benefit players, such as being able to cash tickets at any Lottery retail location, a cash option on jackpot prizes, more drawings, as well as additional ways to buy tickets and enter promotions.

"Not to mention all the technological advancements that have happened in the last 30 years, like websites, mobile apps, loyalty programs, ticket vending machines and Check-A-Ticket machines," Reardon said.

"But the Lottery would not have been successful without the support of so many Missourians," Reardon said. "We are so grateful to the 4,700 businesses in our retail network, our vendors, legislators, Lottery commissioners and employees and, of course, the players. They all play a major role in helping the Lottery Play It Forward for public education.

"We expect the next 30 years to be even more beneficial and fun," she said. "It's why the Lottery was created – to raise money for public education."

For more information about the Missouri Lottery, visit www.molottery.com.

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