KYTC crews preparing for 'winter blast'

KYTC crews preparing for 'winter blast'

KENTUCKY (KFVS) - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet highway crews in District 1 and 2 are gearing up for back to back winter weather events.

According to Keith Todd with KYTC, highway crews are on alert for Tuesday night and are prepared to run around the clock through the event.

Due to expected heavy snowfall, crews will be focusing on "A" Snow Priority Routes.

Todd said the back to back events may make it difficult for highway crews to work their "C" Snow Priority Routes in a timely manner.

Due to cold temperatures limiting hours available for crews to pre-treat, Todd said only about one-third of area highways have been sprayed with brine.

Pre-treating with brine leaves behind a fine coating of salt. That powdered salt remains on the road and available to be activated by falling precipitation in the early hours of a snow and ice event.

According to Todd, with a limited number of miles pre-treated for this event due to temperatures, highway crews have their trucks fueled, snow plows mounted and hoppers loaded with salt. They are prepared to hit the road as soon as the snow begins to accumulate overnight.

He said supervisors will be out patrolling on Tuesday night and start calling in personnel as the snow arrives.

Kentucky State Police have some tips for safe winter driving. You can click here for those.

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