Late winter temperatures hard on plants

Late winter temperatures hard on plants

(KFVS) - The Heartland's winter has been so mild so far several of viewers have sent in pictures of flowers and plants that already have buds on them.

Experts say it's almost as if the plants are being tricked into already thinking it's spring.

Unfortunately, after this weekend's quick drop in temperatures, you might not see them bloom again.

Pam Farrell's Cherry Tree looked like it normally would in April.

Except it was December.

"It was absolutely beautiful. December 22nd. Everyone was stopping me and telling me your cherry tree is blooming," said Farrell. "I am a little bit hesitant about what is going to happen in April."

This roller coaster of temperatures has led to some strange behavior around the Heartland.

One photo was sent to us from East Prairie of an Azalea in full bloom on January 6.

"Those are the plants that are sensitive to the cold snap," said Plants Plus Owner Joe Touchette.

Touchette said roses, peach trees, cherry trees and some azaleas are no match to cold winter weather, but there are a few things you can do now to protect them.

"Make sure they are mulched properly, they can cover them with a frost blanket to keep them from being exposed to frost," he said.

He also recommends watering them.

Staff has already moved some boxwood trees inside to protect them from this weekend's cold.

Farrell said it might be too late for her Cherry tree, but only spring will tell.

"It could, it could flower again, so I am hoping that," said Farrell.

Touchette also recommends using a product called anti-desiccant, which is a spray that keeps plants from loosing too much moisture.

For potted plants, he said go ahead and bring those inside as soon as possible.

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