Name change for MO effort to monitor dangerous prescription pills

Name change for MO effort to monitor dangerous prescription pills

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KFVS) - The effort to create a monitoring system for dangerous prescription pills in Missouri hasn't changed - but the name has.

State Representative Holly Rehder of Sikeston says she's changed the name of the legislation she's proposing to the "Narcotics Control Act."

Rehder says the name change comes after concerns were raised with the term "prescription drug monitoring", used to describe most systems set up in every state except Missouri.

According to Rehder, some people were concerned or felt mislead by that term, fearing it referred to the state's effort to monitor all prescriptions, and not just highly addictive pain pills.

The other big concern has been your privacy.

Past efforts to create a PDMP have been blocked because other lawmakers feared doctors and pharmacists would be given access to a database of prescription drug users.

To that end, Rehder says they've changed the proposed penalties for breaching privacy or entering false information into that system from a misdemeanor to a felony.

She feels momentum is growing to get the system approved this session.

"It's past time for Missouri to join all other states in the fight against opiate abuse and addiction", Rehder tells me. "We have new leadership in the House as well as the Senate this year. Last year we moved the ball further than ever before. I am hopeful we will make it across the finish line this session.   Please sign my petition to show legislators how many Missourians want this life saving legislation to pass."

Rehder says the bill will be heard in committee next week.

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