Does It work: Grab Bag

Does It work: Grab Bag

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Are you frustrated with plastic grocery bags, or want to go green and use reusable bags? The makers of Grab Bag claim you'll fall in love with it at the checkout counter.

Grab Bag is a reusable shopping bag that clips onto your shopping cart to make it easier to load your bags at checkout. The makers claim the product makes it fast and easy to pack and carry a shopping cart full of groceries in one trip, but Does It Work?

To test Grab Bag, we turned to soon-to-be mother of two Carrie Woelk of Cape Girardeau. We tagged along with Woelk and her toddler daughter Leah on their most recent trip to Food Giant for groceries.

Woelk added a few items to the cart, including a giant jug of laundry detergent.

"This is going to be pretty good load for the grab bag," said Woelk. "It's a good test."

Woelk's toddler kept her on her toes both in the store and on the way out to the car, so she says she can't be bogged down with a bunch of plastic bags.

"I try not to use a bunch of little plastic bags," said Woelk. "So I like to reusable bags; and if you can find a big bag, that's less trips to the car. I carry a toddler in one hand and all the groceries in the other."

Woelk unloaded her cart at the checkout counter and set up the Grab Bag as her groceries were rung up.

"It hooked on pretty easily, so that's good," said Woelk. "I wouldn't be fumbling around. It feels okay. We'll see how it does with the detergent."

The huge jug of detergent weighed the bag down, but the Grab Bag appeared to hold up.

"This is a trip that I could get everything into one bag," said Woelk. "Everything fits in there really compactly."

Out in the parking lot, Woelk learned the drawback of putting all of the groceries in one bag.

"You'd have to have some arm strength if you're going to load it up, especially with detergent," Woelk said.

Woelk said the Grab Bag did seem sturdier than a typical reusable shopping bag.

"It seems reinforced around the corners and the bottom seems to have a platform for stuff to lay on," said Woelk.

The Grab Bag held up for this test. Woelk gave the product 5 stars on this Does It Work Test.

"It would be nice to have a couple of these," said Woelk. "Load all the groceries, call it a trip and go home."

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