St. Louis mayor, Rams fans address team move to L.A.

Rams fans, St. Louis mayor talks team move to L.A.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - On Wednesday, St. Louis Mayor  Francis G. Slay addressed the public on the outcome of the Rams leaving St. Louis.

Slay said there was no discussion over the Rams leaving St. Louis, and the NFL team didn't leave because of a lack of the city trying.

The mayor blamed the departure on working with a disengaged party and that it was really hard to do anything in the end.

"Stan Kroenke was on his way out of here. He wasn't going to stay no matter what we did he was setting himself up to look like he was actually trying to stay in St. Louis putting a ridiculous proposal in front of us and walking away and of course setting his sights for L.A.," Slay said.

Rams fan Brendan Weiler said he wants to get all the St. Louis Rams merchandise he can, but not L.A. Rams gear.

"I'm basically a fan just 'cause of the location purposefully," Weiler said. "I mean, they were my hometown team. So, driving an hour to watch a game was no big deal. Now, driving to California to watch a game that's a different story. It's gonna be hard. It's gonna be hard to cheer for a game that's so far away I think."

Most stores around Cape Girardeau are planning to discount most of their Rams merchandise.

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