Warmer winter could mean savings for Heartland counties

Warmer winter could mean savings for Heartland counties

STE. GENEVIEVE, MO (KFVS) - With warmer than average temperatures so far, it's leaving officials to wonder will winter salt continue to sit unused.

Martin Toma is the Ste. Genevieve city administrator. He said this season's temperatures is causing less stress than in seasons past.

"We ordered the amount of salt we use in a normal year," Toma said. ""Fortunately, we didn't have an unprecedented amount of snow, it would've caused us to use it all and struggle to find replacement salt."

The same couldn't be said around this time last winter.

Many counties in the Heartland struggled with a shortage of salt, with many traveling miles in order to restock and costing more than $150 per ton.

Many counties stocked up on more salt this year to make sure the same shortage didn't happen again.

Toma said if temps continue to stay where they are, it could free up money for other improvements.

"Hopefully if we don't have to use the material and we have so much that's on hand," he said. "That so much we don't have to buy next year and that can be put to other worthy road projects."

Other communities, including Sikeston, said if weather stays the same, the same improvements could happen in their town.

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