Tips for Powerball office pools as jackpot soars

Tips for Powerball office pools as jackpot soars

(KFVS) - With the Powerball Jackpot over $1.5 billion, offices around the country will be pooling for big bucks.

Experts say while a pool can be fun, it's important to be cautious while splitting your winnings.

Forbes released a list of tips to keep the process organized and clear.

  1. Name a leader - This person will keep track of the tickets, money, and any other tasks involved.
  2. Create a contract - Have everyone sign it. It should outline who is involved, how you will receive the money, and if the numbers are selected or computer generated.
  3. Make the list public - You can post it on a board at work or near the leader's desk to keep it safe.
  4. Make a copies of the tickets attached to the list - That way you know how much each person paid, and everyone has a copy of the tickets.

One other tip to remember is to check your employer's gambling policy.

Employment experts say you want to make sure you're sticking to your work's policy, whether you win or not.

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