Marston residents worry about future of Noranda plant

Marston residents worry about future of Noranda plant

People in surrounding communities say theyre worried as workers at the Noranda New Madrid Aluminum Smelter could be facing "staffing adjustments."

"It's just a sad thing if it comes down to that," lifelong New Madrid County resident Fredrick Moore said. "I think it would hurt the community a lot because of the revenue. It keeps the money in the area,"
The plant suffered an electrical failure Thursday and is currently running at just one-third its normal production.
When Heartland News asked a company rep whether plant workers will be let go, he pointed to a line from a press release. It reads, "the Company is taking steps... to adjust staffing and other activities to match this lower level of production."
Sherry Howell remembers when the plant was built when she was younger. She fears cuts to the workforce could have a negative effect on the few local businesses left.

"It would have a very bad impact, Howell said. "The employees here, you know, everybody needs a job and we don't have but two local businesses here in Marston and it would affect the workers and their families."

A Noranda spokesperson says company leaders don't know yet if or when the two damaged pots will be up and running.
Until then, folks who depend on the workers are hoping for the best.
"It just keeps people going in this small area," Moore said.
Noranda announced layoffs for some 200 workers at the New Madrid plant in 2014.

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