Cairo water district confirms safe drinking water

Cairo water district confirms safe drinking water

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Illinois American Water's Cairo District is reassuring customers that the drinking water meets all EPA requirements.

A barge operator in Cairo, Ill. is accused of committing more than 500 violations for allegedly dumping pollutants into the Ohio River over seven years. A Clean Water Act complaint was filed to the EPA against American Commercial Lines, Inc. and its subsidiary ACBL Transportation Services, LLC.

The company reports it conducts more than one million water quality tests annually to ensure water meets the standards that the Environmental Protection Agency sets to protect public health.

At the Cairo Water Treatment Plant, water quality tests are conducted daily for bacteria, chlorine, turbidity and more.

"We understand the recent news about alleged dumping of pollutants into the Ohio River can by alarming, so we want to reassure our customers that water quality has not been compromised," Operations Superintendent Mike Brown said.

Bacteria can be removed through conventional processes, including sedimentation and filtration. Bacteria can be inactivated with disinfectants such as chlorine.

These processes are used at the Cairo water treatment plant to ensure quality water service.

"Our team makes sure that water is constantly monitored during the treatment process by computer-controlled analyzers that continually check and measure the chlorine levels in the water, as well as the clarity of the water, its pH balance, temperature and other critical factors. Then, our operators perform more tests, not just before the water leaves the plant, but also as it travels through the system of water pipes on its way to customers," said Sarah Boyd, Cairo District water quality supervisor.

The Consumer Confidence Reports are provided annually and are available on IAW's website. You can click here to look them up via the Water Quality and Stewardship link, then search by zip code.

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