Hopeful Missourians line up to buy Powerball tickets

Hopeful Missourians line up to buy Powerball tickets

MISSOURI (KFVS) - If you want a shot at $500 million, well, you could work for it. Or you could buy a Powerball ticket.

The jackpot is now the sixth largest ever in U.S. history.

After 17 times without a winner, the grand prize has climbed to $500 million.

Despite the odds, before the lottery closes folks are racing to convenience stores in hopes of being that lucky winner.

"Did you win?" Will be the 500 Million dollar question on Wednesday evening.

"I never win anything so that will be fun," said one hopeful ticket buyer.

The odds of winning are one in 292 million, which means it's really, really unlikely to win. But that didn't stop some hopeful Missourians from buying last-minute tickets before Wednesday night's drawing.

"All I can do is hope," said another ticket buyer.

According to the multi-state lottery, about 75 percent of winners are computer picks.

So, your favorite aunt's birthday probably won't make a dime's worth of difference.

Of course you have no chance of winning if you don't buy a ticket.

"I plan on retiring. Quit working is the main thing," said another Missourian.

Despite the odds of walking away a millionaire, folks full of optimism and hope picked their lucky numbers as ticket sales soar.

"It has been absolutely crazy, I have just sold $54 worth in on transaction," said Cape Girardeau's Shell's employee.

If no tickets match the numbers spit out by the lottery's machine on Thursday night, there will be another drawing on Saturday and an even bigger prize.

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