Du Quoin city leaders push for surveillance cameras in bars

Du Quoin city leaders push for surveillance cameras in bars
(Source: Giacomo Luca/KFVS)
(Source: Giacomo Luca/KFVS)

City leaders in Du Quoin, Illinois plan to propose changes to the city’s liquor licenses that would push businesses that sell alcohol to install surveillance cameras.

Du Quoin mayor Guy Alongi said cameras at the entrances and exits of businesses selling alcohol would improve the safety of citizens and help police investigate crimes more efficiently.

Currently, the cost of a liquor license in Du Quoin is $1,000. The mayor’s proposal would increase the cost of a liquor license to $1,500 for businesses that don’t comply with the video rule.

Alongi said the idea came following a discussion with the city’s Police Chief Jamie Ellermeyer.

However, some business owners in the area disagree with the idea. The owner of The Corner Pocket, Leonard Rice, said the change would be an invasion of privacy and an unfunded mandate.

Chief Ellermeyer said most establishments selling liquor already have cameras and more than the city is asking for.

The Eagles Club in Du Quoin has had cameras installed for several years and the proposed changes wouldn’t effect the club, according to the Secretary Phil Bradenburg.

"They make certain there's no problems inside the club,” Bradenburg said.

Other folks in Du Quoin had mixed reactions on the issue.

Alongi said he would like to iron out the details of the ordinance and propose it soon and would like to see it in effect by March.

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