Cape Girardeau to rebuild bridge after flooding makes sinkhole worse

Cape Girardeau to rebuild bridge after flooding makes sinkhole worse

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The New Year Flood created two new sinkholes and widened a previous sinkhole in Cape Girardeau.

The city is planning a $4 million project to repair the bridge on South Sprigg Street during the summer of 2016.

Plans for repairs on the South Sprigg Street bridge were made in early 2013 after the bridge closed in 2012, said Assistant Public Works Director Stanley Polivick.

"We're actually going to extend the length of the current bridge quite a bit to virtually bridge over the area where the sinkholes have been forming for a number of years," Polivick said.

The money for bridge rebuilding will come from a federal disaster declaration that still needs approval from Congress. Federal money will reimburse the City of Cape Girardeau 80 percent and the other 20 percent will come from the city.

Tuesday, Buzzi Unicem USA worked on building a levee around the widening sinkhole near the bridge. Workers moved dirt around the sinkholes to make the ground around it higher. The levees will reduce the amount of water going into a nearby rock quarry.

"We're excited that we are going to be able to put in a structure that won't be affected by future sinkhole formation if those occur and predictably they will," Polivick said.

Polivick said the continuous damage from the sinkholes, around the closed bridge, creates longer transportation for businesses, residents and solid waste employees in that area.

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