Receding floodwaters leave mess behind at Cape Girardeau church

Receding floodwaters leave mess behind at Cape Girardeau church

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Residents of Cape Girardeau are seeing some relief from historic flooding as water levels have been decreasing for several days now.

Unfortunately, it left a lot of mess in its wake.

"I didn't know what to expect really," Victory Outreach Church member John Moore said. "I figured it would be a complete disaster everywhere."

The Victory Outreach Church was one of the 28 structures that were damaged in the city. It had up to 3 feet a water in it at one point during the flood.

Moore opened the door for the first time to check out the damage on Tuesday, Jan. 5 after waters finally receded.

"There could have been some fish and everything in here," Moore said. "Could be anything from the river in here."

John Moore took out his key and opened the door to the church. While stepping through puddles of standing river water, the mess of what the floodwaters left behind was the first thing he noticed.

Pews were flipped over and tilted on their sides. Music instruments and shelving were knocked over; and stains on the walls from the water level show how high waters got inside.

"It's really not as bad as what I kind of expected really," Moore said. "Just from looking around, this can all be pretty much fixed pretty quick."

He said all is not lost.

"Most of it, the refrigerator was saved and stuff like that," Moore added. "Most of it should be in good shape."

Church members had little time to prepare for the fast rising floodwaters. They were able to put important items on top of the pews and out of the water's reach.

However, the water rose higher than anticipated.

"It came up a lot higher than we thought too at first," Moore said. "We just kind of got things up as high as we thought we could get with what was in here. We did the best we could with the time that we had."

While the church was inundated with water, they were still able to hold their services elsewhere.

"Met in a couple of pastor's homes and a couple of the church members homes of people that attend," Moore added. "And then we have another church that's allowing us to meet there this Friday."

Now that they have seen the mess the water left behind, the cleanup process will begin.

They hope to get everything cleaned up and resume services sometime next week.

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