Flooded home, business owners hope for assistance in cleanup

Flooded home, business owners hope for assistance in cleanup

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Floodwater is going down, but it's leaving soaked, damaged homes and businesses behind.

People in Cape Girardeau, Missouri are cleaning up the mess and hoping for some help along the way.

Area officials say there will likely be some sort of assistance for homeowners and business owner. Also, buyouts are likely. However, the questions still remain: How much help will they get and when?

Lester Chapman at River's Edge Automotive got hit hard by the flood. Despite the stacks of sandbags and hours of work, the damage is extensive. Chapman is hoping for some help to get back up and running again.

"[A buyout] would be an option looking into it because then maybe relocate somewhere else in town, you know where there's not a floodplain," Chapman said.

Cape Girardeau Harry Rediger said it's too soon to tell exactly what kind of, and how much, emergency funds will be available, but there will be some.

Meanwhile, flooded home owners say waiting for the help gets tough. Dale Brown and his wife have lived in their home in Red Star for 14 years. They say if buyouts are offered, they'd likely take one.

Until then, the cleanup continues until more help can arrive.

"Maybe after we get cleaned up we will find out more about that," Chapman said.

Rediger said assistance will likely come from both SEMA and FEMA.

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