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Ste. Genevieve business owners prepare for possible flooding


Many residents in Ste. Genevieve County showed up to a meeting today, which generally offered good news, but it didn't stop some from taking extra precautions.

One concern residents had was whether or not the electric and gas lines would be shut off ahead of time, which officials said isn’t going to happen.

Officials said even though the expected date for the river to crest is pushed back from Friday to Saturday, the river is expected to crest in Ste. Genevieve County at 48.5 feet. That's down more than one foot than predicted before.

This will be the first time the new flood gates will be tested against high water, which concerned many.

Mayor Dick Greminger said the meeting was held mainly to ease the worries and concerns many residents had been expressing.

“People in town are aware that it hasn’t been that high and just to take precautions," Greminger said. "If something catastrophic was to happen, that we would have to move in a hurry, so be prepared to do that. Everyone is aware of that and everybody who could be affected by that, we been getting the word out the last couple days.”

However, when Amber Brown, owner of La Technique Salon, got the news that her business would flood if the levees broke, she knew it was time to pack up.

“It is absolutely time to go!” Brown said.

Brown got two movers and started moving boxes and shelves to a trailer, where she plans to put the majority of her valuables in her salon.

Since it would be the first time the flood gate has been tested, even city officials have decided to move valuable artwork from city landmarks.

“We have some artwork in our welcome center that we’re moving- again that you couldn’t grab and run with," Greminger said. "We’re moving that just as a precaution.”

While movers packed up, Brown continued to service her customers.

She said even if nothing happens, she just wants to take precautions for herself and her staff.

“This is my livelihood and I feel like everything here is valuable," Brown said. "It’s not only valuable to me, but to my stylist that work here too. So its for their protection so their business can be here when they get back.”

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