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Ste. Genevieve officials taking extra precautions for possible record flooding


Ste. Genevieve officials are working ahead to prepare for the rising flood waters.

Workers sandbagged and closed the flood gates leading to where the ferry is normally located.

The Mississippi River is expected to crest at 49.8 feet, which is very close to the top of the 50 foot levee, so they plan to add another two feet of rock for extra precaution.

Emergency Management Director Felix Meyer said although the levee is strong, he doesn't wish to take any chances.

“This levee is good for 50 feet and the core built in a little extra right now, so we’re actually pretty safe right now," Meyer said. "But you always want that extra buffer on top, we don’t want to get too close to that.”

Ste. Genevieve Mayor Richard Greminger agrees and said if something was to go wrong, it would be a tragedy.

"If it (levee) breaks, it would be devastating to the town," Greminger said. "We wouldn't have time to sandbag it. It would be 100 times worse than 93 and it would make it into downtown."

Meyer said they are making sure their prepared for possible historic flood.

“We’re way ahead of where we starting at [in 1993], we’re not starting at ground zero and going up, we’re starting at a 50 foot mark and going up," Meyer said. "We’re ahead of the game right now, we have a week to get above that point of where we need to be.”

Many people have reached out on Facebook to see how they could provide help in any way.

Meyer said since they are choosing to use rocks rather than sandbags, no additional help should be needed as of right now.

He also said he advises all residents to take precaution and use their best judgement when choosing to evacuate or not.

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