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Thebes residents prepare for major flooding event

(Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS)

For one Heartland town, residents are hoping the flooding won't be as bad as predicted.

But they are preparing for the worst.

Residents of Thebes, Illinois have already seen their fair share flooding.

Apostolic Lighthouse Pastor Jim Monahan said he was in disbelief when he heard Thebes is predicted to see major flooding next week.

"Oh no, not again," Monahan said.

He said he said this will be the second time this year he will have to prepare his church to be flood ready.

"I am hoping that it isn't going that high," he said. "But, it usually does."

Monahan said when the river rises to 42.5 feet (on the Cape Girardeau gauge), then he will see water enter his church. As of 3 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 26, it is predicted to reach 43.6 feet on Dec. 31.

The gauge at Thebes is predicted to reach 45 feet on Jan. 3.

The record for the river levels there at Thebes is 45.91 feet set back in 1995.

"At 42.5, I have it in the basement and I have to start squeegeeing it out of the basement," Monahan said. "If it's not going any further then they say, I can keep the water out low enough that it won't hurt anything. If it goes much higher, then I just have to watch it and cry."

For Monahan, he said there will still be services at his church.

However, the lower level won't be able to be used once water enters.

Monahan will be flood fighting the waters as they enter and pump them out as fast as he can.

Until it becomes too much.

"We have to move everything out of the basement up," Monahan said. "You can't take a chance and leave it high down there. It could possibly get up and get everything you got. Because once it gets up, you can't get down there and move it around. You gotta get it before."

The majority of Thebes will not be affected by the river, but the western side close to the river could affect many businesses and homes.

Some residents will be parking blocks away from where they live and will have to use a boat to get to their homes.

"Everybody be praying and everybody hoping because if it affects me then it affects everybody," Monahan said. "It's just not easy having this water up."

Monahan said nobody can stop the flood waters from happening and damaging the roads, businesses and homes.

He said his only hope is to pray that it doesn't get as bad as predicted. 

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