A Place to Call Home: Christopher's story

A Place to Call Home: Christopher's story

(KFVS) - A 6-year-old boy in southeast Missouri can't tell us what he wants for Christmas, and actually he won't even be able to see what's under the tree this year.

One thing we do know for sure, he needs a family and is sure to smile his way into your heart.

"He loves attention, any attention he can get, he's an attention hog," said Maxine Burns.

Christopher just turned six. He came to live at a group home in southeast Missouri about three years ago. Maxine Burns is one of his caretakers.

"He was a blessing to the home," said Burns. "He was a blessing to us. [He] brought life back to the home."

He's the youngest at the home where workers care for mentally and physically disabled children and adults around-the-clock.

"They are like our own, it's a home and that's how we make it," said Burns.

Christopher has Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly and also suffers from seizures.

"God made him special for a reason," said Burns. "We've learned to accept him like he is with every smile, every laugh, it puts a song in your heart."

Christopher loves music, actually anything loud.

"Loud squeaking, loud toys, anything that vibrates," said Burns.

Christopher is also blind and non-verbal. Toys with texture and sounds seem to be his favorite.

He is also on a feeding tube, and requires 24/7 care.

"He needs consistency, feeling safe and knowing that same voice everyday makes him feel safe and loved and taken care of," said Burns.

LPN Maxine Burns said there's no doubt in her mind that Christopher knows how to bond with his caretakers.

"I feel he knows us, every employee here by our voices, by the way we touch him," said Burns. "We sit and talk and play, I learned the tones that he likes and I'll use those tones when I talk to him. The laughter, when he starts laughing I keep it going...I just want to see him smile."

He especially responds well to male voices.

"I wish him a long and healthy life, that he finds love and that he finds a home and a family outside of here, right now we're the only family that he does know, I just want him to be happy," said Burns.

She said, while caring for Christopher would certainly be a challenge, it would also be so rewarding in more ways than you could ever imagine.

"Pray about it see if God leads them in that direction because it is a big step," said Burns.

For more information about Christopher, or any other child we have featured call 800-554-2222.

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