Does it Work: Car Valet

Does it Work: Car Valet
Bethany Byrd and her bunch give Car Valet 2.5 stars on this Does It Work Test.
Bethany Byrd and her bunch give Car Valet 2.5 stars on this Does It Work Test.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you've ever found yourself in the drive thru with nowhere to put your newly acquired soda, the Car Valet wants to help.

The Car Valet claims to be the perfect way to store your extra cups and accessories.

As a mother of two boys, Bethany Byrd of Cape Girardeau has her hands full. Her center console typically fills up pretty quickly too.

"We have snacks, candy canes, Ritz Crackers, sunglasses, multiple cups, more sunglasses, cell phone, and then a whole bunch of other stuff that you need," said Byrd.

When more people jump in Byrd's vehicle, they seem to always bring more stuff along with them. They frequently pick up more cups along the way.

"We normally just end up doing this," said Byrd, putting a cup between her knees. "Everybody holds one."

To put Car Valet to the test, Byrd brings it along on an after school trip to get her two sons and their friend a snack. A trip that typically leaves Byrd wishing she had more cup holders.

"This will be a true test because we already have several cups in the car that are taking up cup holders," Byrd said. "So this will have to hold two different Andy's for the kids."

With two Andy's concrete shakes and an Italian ice on board, the Car Valet seemed to hold up well – in park at least.

"It seems a little sturdier with cups in it than it was without cups," said Byrd. "But when he's really close to it, it starts to bump up next to him, so if there are any spills or accidents, he's going to get all of it."

As Byrd gets the bunch on the road, she's pleased with the extra storage space.

"It is holding the cups really nice," Byrd said. "And it makes it higher so when you're trying to eat ice cream you don't have to reach down here and try and drive."

Closer didn't mean spill-proof for 12-year-old Cameron Byrd.

"I just dropped ice cream all over me," said Cameron Byrd.

On the drive, one thing became clear to Byrd, her son will likely soon outgrow the Car Valet.

"The size is perfect for him now because as you can see he's small-legged," said Byrd. "But as you can see he's even pushing up against it. So a bigger size person comes in here, it wouldn't be comfortable."

Byrd said the Car Valet works for short trips with the kids, but she would hesitate to bring it along on a family road trip with her 6'7", 315-pound husband in the passenger seat.

"Dad would get mad and throw this out the window," said Byrd. "Then he would complain that they don't make it for adult, large men. It's his usual rant."

Byrd and her bunch give Car Valet 2.5 stars on this Does It Work Test.

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