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East Prairie woman charged with child abuse after son found with significant bruising

Ashley Nichole Brown-Wyvell (Source: East Prairie Police Department) Ashley Nichole Brown-Wyvell (Source: East Prairie Police Department)

A woman is behind bars for child abuse after East Prairie Police said she allegedly whipped her son with a belt multiple times.

According to the East Prairie Police Department, Ashley Nichole Brown-Wyvell, 31, was arrested after a police responded with the Children's Division to a hotline call for suspected abuse.

The report came in on Monday, Dec. 14.

When police arrived to the home, the Brown-Wyvell told officers her son was assaulted on school property and that he suffered injuries she was not responsible for, including a black eye. She went on to say she wasn't planning on sending the child to school until the injuries healed.

Further investigation showed, the mother took the child to a grandmother's home to look after him for a few days until the bruises healed.

According to the police department, an interview with the child showed other injuries. The child told police his mother was mad at him and whipped him with a belt.

Police report the child suffered contusions and bruising to his face, ear, arms, legs, back and bottom.

Later, police say the mother admitted to "freaking out" and whipping her child. Brown-Wyvell said to police she “blacked out”  and the next thing she remembered was her boyfriend grabbing her and pulling her off of the child. 

The mother had significant bruising to her knuckles and top of her hand, however, police say she told investigators she did not know how she obtained the bruises. 

Police report the child is in stable condition and is recovering along with a younger sibling, who was unharmed, in state care. 

In a news release from Captain Joleda Douglas said:

“Parents have every right to discipline their child; however, parents do not have the right to cause physical injury to their child in doing so.  The child’s bruises will heal, but this case is so extreme, the child will spend a lifetime dealing with the traumatic emotional aftermath.  Child abuse cases are not easy cases for law enforcement officers to investigate but the only way that you get through the case, is knowing that the aggressor/abuser will be punished. Someone has to step up and be that child’s voice and defense; because a 7-year-old is defenseless against an adult in a fit of rage.” 

Brown-Wyvell was charged with abuse of a child and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree. She could face up to seven years in prison.

She is currently being held at the Mississippi County Detention Center on a $250,000 bond.

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