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Heartland lawmaker responds to MO scholarship bill


The University of Missouri gained national attention after football players from the school went on strike until the university system's president, Timothy Wolfe, stepped down.

Because of Mizzou's actions, a new house bill was filed that would take away any athlete's scholarship if they boycotted their sport.

The bill was only proposed on Friday, but already has plenty of people talking about it.

House Bill 1743, filed by Representative Rick Brattin, would allow colleges and universities to revoke student-athletes scholarships if they decline "to play for a reason unrelated to health."

The bill's language has not yet been released, so it's unclear if the bill covers all athletes in the state or just those at public institutions.

One Heartland state representative, Kathy Swan, compared scholarships to employment agreements.

Because Mizzou's athletic scholarships are raised through private resources and aren't linked to any state funds, it could be difficult to enforce.

"Not all scholarships or grants are from tax funded dollars and would not be from state dollars. So, therefore, what authority would the state or the legislator have on enforcing this type of legislation if the dollars for the grant of the scholarship were private dollars,” said Representative Swan.

Some called the bill "ridiculous" and in violation of the equal protection clause on social media. Others compared the move to modern day slavery.

This isn't the first time that Representative Brattin introduced a controversial bill.

Two years ago, he designed a bill that would've forced pregnant women to obtain permission from the baby's father if they wanted to get an abortion.

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