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Poplar Bluff school dist. continues training for possible intruders


Three years after the Sandy Hook shooting, some Heartland schools continue to keep teachers, students and staff up-to-date with the latest training in case of an intruder.

One kindergarten teacher in Poplar Bluff said sometimes it can be a little tough.

"Some of them do, some of them don't have a clue, we have to really try and practice that with everybody," Susie Rahlmann said.

Rahlmann is a teacher at the Poplar Bluff Kindergarten Center. She said training her students for serious situations can be hard for them to comprehend.

"Kids this age, they don't understand urgency for a lot of things, but it's something that we have to practice," she said.

Many schools across the country upgraded their active shooter protocol after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook.

A.L.I.C.E. Training is one method that has changed over the years.

Some of the changes included teachers being more open about their response techniques.

"Some of the training involved is they announce where the active shooter is at and the teachers are trained to either secure their room or bolt the door," Richard Knapp said.

Knapp is a school resource officer for the Poplar Bluff School District. He said constant training is key in making sure teachers are prepared if something was to happen.

"It's the utmost important, you got to provide a safe environment for your community and children who attend school, it's at the top of the list," he said.

Rahlmann agreed and said she trains her students for all types of situations.

"I try to remind my kids about it, what we're going to do, what would we do if an intruder tried to come in our classroom, what happens if we heard them down the hall," Rahlmann said. "It's something I want them to always have in their mind so they'll know what to do in that situation."

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