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School leaders discuss how new education law impacts classroom


When it passed, President Obama called "Every Child Succeeds" a minor miracle.

On Thursday, he signed the new education bill into law, giving more power to states and school districts. The new law ends strict federal control of education policies and prohibits mandatory "Common Core."

One Heartland superintendent said the new bill will be a “win” for students and teachers.

“The No Child Left Behind trend has been a helpless trend,” Frank Killian, at Richland Schools, said.

Killian said this new education law is taking things from helpless to hopeful.

“It’s about education instead of a number game,” Killian said.

While the specific effects of Every Student Succeeds are still unclear, there are some positive promises, starting with student testing.

“Instead of just getting a score and saying they’re proficient or they’re at basic level, hopefully now they’ll be able to see what they excelled at and what areas they were weak in and know what we needed to work on,” High School Principal Cindy Rhodes said.

Rhodes said with the new change, teachers’ success won’t be determined by their students’ scores.

“Just basing it on those test scores is not accurate, that’s not the only thing those teachers are doing and it does not give an accurate reflection,” Rhodes said.

Also, administrators say input from parents and teachers will be put into action. Killian said a task force of school leaders is currently working with Missouri’s state board on how to move forward.  

“We’ve heard from parents saying that common core is not what they believe is best,” Killian said.

While these changes won’t be immediate, Killian said this new law is a big step in the right direction.

“The building process just now starts, so we don’t have anything in hand, but at least now we have the freedom to create what’s best for the kids instead of what the federal government thinks is best for us,” Killian said.

Killian said another focus of “Every Student Succeeds” is on college and career readiness, preparing those who chose not to go to college for success in their careers and communities.

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