Does It Work: Liquid Palisade

Does It Work: Liquid Palisade

(KFVS) - Looking good sometimes comes with complications, especially when you're polishing your nails or attempting a French manicure.

Of course, a salon manicure is much easier and looks a lot better than the results you can achieve at home, but a product called Liquid Palisade aims it can give anyone professional results.

Although, cosmetologist Lori Ast said she also prefers to leave the job to someone else, because nails are not her specialty.

"Basically, I do hair," Ast said. "If somebody needs nails or manicure, you know, we can always step in, but I basically am a hair dresser."

Liquid Palisade is a liquid latex, brush-on barrier that covers to protect fingernail cuticles from polish mishaps. Once your polish is applied, you simply peel it off, but does it work? Ast puts it to the test.

"A lot of times, you just, you get it all over the edges, and then when you go to try and take a Q-tip and polish remover and get that off and you make a mess," Ast said.

Which is why Ast and a client put Liquid Palisade to the test.

"It is basically like a painters tape that you paint on, and can peel off," said Ast. "It doesn't matter if you get it over onto the cuticle, because you're going to be peeling that off anyhow."

Not only did Ast love the easy cleanup, but she suggested another use for Liquid Palisade.

"Anybody at home that would love to try some nail art, different designs, this would be the way to go," Ast said. "This is quick, it's easy. If you had girls, they would love it cause you would be able to play with their nails and you'd turn them all into little divas."

So according to Ast, Liquid Palisade is liquid gold. Ast gives the product 5 stars on this Does it Work test.

Liquid Palisades costs $22 per tube and is available online.

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