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Southeast students respond to lawmaker's proposed gun ban lift on campuses


In an effort to add more protection on college campuses, two Missouri lawmakers want to lift gun bans and allow firearms.

However, with more than 23 campus shootings this year alone, some Southeast Missouri State University students say allowing guns on campus will do more harm than good.

"It's just scary, that's putting my life at risk and my friend's life at risk," freshman Shelby Kolze said.

That was the common reaction when asked what students' feelings were on a Missouri bill that would lift the campus gun ban.

"I don't agree, I feel like it's too much crazy stuff going on in the world, as far as it relates to school, to allow college students to be walking around carrying guns," senior Derrick Mosley said.

Mosley said there is no reason people should be allowed to have guns on campus when there is already armed security patrolling.

"[We don't need a] regular person to just be walking around with a gun when there is trained police people and police force here," he said.

The two Missouri lawmakers are proposing to lift the gun ban on college campuses across the state.

The proposed changes come as a possible solution to campus shootings happening in the nation.

Some supporters say lifting the ban will allow for more campus protection.

However, some students say they feel the proposal is counterproductive.

"Looking at the previous events that have happened in this country, so many shootings in different universities, I think having gun or having the right to carry gun will only increase the chances of this events happening," student Raphael Pellenard said.

Kolze said she is pro-gun, but the possible changes isn't something that she wants happening on her college campus.

"I go shooting with my family at the shooting range. I just don't believe it's safe to have a gun on campus," Kolze said.

While others feel this issue shouldn't even be discussed.

"Of all the things going on in the world, this shouldn't be the thing at the top of the totem pole right now," Derrick Mosley said.

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