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Fort Worth, TX PD interviews Darth Vader

(Source: AP Images) (Source: AP Images)

Police in Fort Worth, Texas are using "The Force" to try and recruit new police officers. 

On Thursday, the department posted video of a mock interview on it's Facebook page featuring Darth Vader.

In the video, the Dark Lord of the Sith touts his "rule over the Imperial Force" and  "success in ruling the galaxies" as attributes that qualify him to be a Fort Worth police officer. 

Vader also mentions his proficiency in "using The Force."

"We refer to it as use of force," the interviewer replies. "I don't think it's quite the same thing as you think it is." 

The officer conducting the interview is Sgt. Steve Enright, supervisor of FWPD public relations office. 

The office meets Monday mornings to discuss how it will utilize its various social media outlets, Enright said. 

"We bat around ideas of what we want to put on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels," Enright said. "[The Darth Vader interview] was the one of the day."

The lighthearted video is meant to serve as a recruitment tool for the Fort Worth Police Department, and it's proving to be popular with people who follow the department on Facebook. 

"It's really taking off," Enright said. 

According to Enright, the Facebook post alone reached 750,000 people in just 12 hours. 

"To who ever came up with this idea: I do applaud your excellence!" one person commented. 

"BEST RECRUITING VIDEO EVER!!!!!!" another posted. 

Less than a day after posting the video, it's garnered more than 2,800 likes on Facebook and more than 7,400 shares.

FWPD posted the video with the headline "Breaking News: Darth Vader fails FWPD Police Interview. Maybe we should've interviewed Yoda."

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