Does It Work: PedEgg Power

Does It Work: PedEgg Power

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you have dry, cracked feet you may be hoping Santa Claus puts a PedEgg Power in your stocking this Christmas.

The product claims to buff away rough spots quickly, easily and painlessly, but does it work?

To test this product we turned to Amanda Daigger of Cape Girardeau. Daigger wears flip flops most days year round.

"I'm in flip flops until it snows," said Daigger. "I don't like socks and shoes. Even at home I don't wear socks and shoes."

As a result, she is comfortable, but Daigger said having her feet exposed to the elements dries out her heels. She had an especially difficult time removing her calluses as she was expecting her second child and couldn't reach her feet.

Daigger turned to eDen Spa cosmetologist Margaret Trager and the PedEgg Power to clean up her dry feet.

"I would love to get a pedicure every two weeks but being a full time cosmetologist and a mom, who has time?" said Daigger. "I'm thinking this might be perfect for in-between at home – just a quick five minute thing before I get in the shower to slough off the rough skin, put some foot relief on there and go."

Trager took the PedEgg Power out of its packaging and inserted two double-A batteries that were not included with the product. She switched out the courser-grain smoothing head with the finer-grain smoothing tool. Trager said she was pleased with how easily the parts switched out.

"I like that the changing of the head is fairly easy," said Trager. "When I first looked at it, I thought it would be really complicated. So that's nice."

Trager powered up the PedEgg Power and immediately noticed something she didn't like.

"It could be a little less noisy," said Trager. "It seems like it takes a long time to get a really small area."

Each PedEgg Power head is only about an inch and a half wide. Trager found that area didn't cover as much ground as she would have liked, and didn't remove calluses as quickly and easily as the product's commercial implies.

"We're just covering one little part of your foot," said Trager. "This would take a long time."

When Trager applied more pressure to the PedEgg Power in hopes of helping it remove more skin, more quickly - the PedEgg's roller stopped spinning.

"I don't think it has a lot of power," said Daigger. "It doesn't seem like any pressure can be applied."

When Trager switched out the course roller with the finer smoothing head, she found the product even less effective.

"It turns off with even less pressure with that one," said Trager.

Daigger said she was disappointed with the PedEgg Power's lack of muscle to do the job.

"It says power, and there's no power," said Daigger. "The slightest pressure and the thing turns off."

Trager and Daigger gave PedEgg Power 2 stars on this Does It Work Test.

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