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Mayfield police search for man who jumped out of courthouse window


A young man is still missing after he escaped from the Graves County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 1.

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon said the teen jumped out of an unlocked bathroom window and got away.

Complaining of being sick, the teen allegedly climbed out of a bathroom window as an officer stood guard outside of the door.

Sheriff Redmon said the teen's flight to freedom involved climbing out of the tiny window and then jumping 18 feet from the second floor to a concrete landing pad; all while in shackles and handcuffs.

The sheriff said he half-expected to find the teen at the bottom of the stairs after he cleared 18 feet. Unfortunately, he was still able to get away.

"He was pretty determined and brave to jump from that distance," Sheriff Redmon said.

Authorities chased after the juvenile through traffic, but were unable to catch him.

Carol Fristoe owns a business right across the street from the courthouse.

She said it's unnerving that someone was able to escape so easily.

"If someone can jump out of a second story window in shackles and handcuffs and get away, yes, it surprised me he didn't break his neck," she said.

According to Sheriff Redmon, they have leads from drivers who saw the teen sprint away, but are hoping the young boy turns himself in.

"He just made the situation worse," Sheriff Redmon said. "What he was facing wasn't that serious, but now he has an escape charge on top of all of those other charges."

Anyone who sees the man is asked to not approach him, but call the Mayfield Police Department at 270-247-1621 or Kentucky State Police at 270-856-3721.

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