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Heartland shoppers take advantage of Black Friday deals


Many shoppers stood in line Friday morning in hopes of becoming the first to grab some great deals. 

"It's a lot of fun, it's just a family tradition," shopper Karen Chamberlain said.

"Black Friday is my holiday, I like it!" Louis Hulshof said.

With more than 500 people already lined up outside of Menards in Cape Girardeau, people didn't hesitate to get in the back of the line to take advantage of advertised savings.

"My daughter and I have did this for the last thirty four years together, thirty three for her, it's just a yearly ritual," Chamberlain said.

Researchers estimate more than 135 million people will shop this Black Friday weekend, with the average buyer spending about $402.

While we often see video of rough shoppers from around the country, Chamberlain said that is not how the majority of Black Friday shoppers act here at home.

"It can be real intense, it's a lot of fun you meet a lot of nice people," she said. "You help one another if you're first in line if the person behind you want the same thing, you grab it and you hand it them." 

Clint Welker is the manager of Academy Sports. He said they made sure their customers didn't have to worry about fighting for items.

"The line was wrapped around the corner like it's been every year, but the customers were great, they were all in good spirits," Welker said. "We had pool tickets for the all the big key items, so nobody had to worry about rushing in or worrying if we were going to run out of something for them."

Chamberlain said there's one thing that everyone who goes shopping should keep an eye out for.

"You better watch out for us old people because we know how to do it," Chamberlain said.

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