Does It Work: Mr. Lid

Does It Work: Mr. Lid

(KFVS) - Most families have a lot of leftovers after Thanksgiving dinner, and the makers of a product called Mr. Lid say they can help you organize those leftovers.

Mr. Lid is a 10-piece set of plastic containers. Each container has a hinged lid that always remains attached to Mr. Lid. The makers of the product claim that due to this design feature "you'll never lose the lid."

The BPA-free plastic containers claim to be microwave and dishwasher safe.

Raycom Media affiliate WOIO had Cindy Formica put Mr. Lid to the Does It Work test. The crew left a set of Mr. Lid containers with the mother of five for two weeks and let her try it out.

The first difference Formica noted: Mr. Lid noticeably tidied up her cabinet from the mess of lids and plastic containers to a neat pile of Mr. Lids.

Formica said Mr. Lid completely eliminated the problem of losing lids.

"I love that the lid is connected," said Formica. "I was never searching for that."

Formica also loved that the containers have a variety of uses, although she primarily used them to store food.

"Mostly I used Mr. Lids for food, storage, leftovers, snack for the kids," said Formica.

As the commercial promised, the containers held up to the drop test. A container full of marinara sauce remained tightly sealed when dropped from countertop height with the messy sauce still inside.

After two weeks of using Mr. Lid, Formica said the plastic didn't melt in the microwave or dishwasher.

"I did use them in the dishwasher, and I did use them in the microwave. All worked wonderfully," Formica said.

The only issue she had with Mr. Lid was, given how much she cooks, even the largest Mr. Lid didn't always do the job.

"I could really use bigger ones," said Formica. "I  make sauce in that huge pan."

Formica also said the containers seemed to keep food fresher, longer as its commercial promises.

"Mr. Lids definitely worked for me," Formica said.

Formica gives Mr. Lid 5 stars on this Does It Work test.

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