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'Most-used words' Facebook app called privacy nightmare

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A pretty popular app on Facebook that you or your friends may have used is being a called a privacy nightmare by a tech research website.

You've probably seen the quiz app. It figures out your most-used words on Facebook statuses and puts them into a collage that you can then post on your Facebook wall.

According to comparitech, which researches, reviews and compares technology products, millions of people have agreed to give up every detail about themselves to a company they don't know anything about.

This quiz was created by Vonvon.me. According to comparitech, agreeing to Vonvon.me's terms can give them access to the following information:

  • Name, profile picture, age, sex, birthday and other public info.
  • Everything you've ever posted on your timeline
  • Entire friend list
  • All of your photos and photos you're tagged in
  • Education history
  • Hometown and current city
  • Everything you've ever liked
  • IP address
  • Info about the devices you're using including browser and language

The website also notes that "there's no take backs," meaning your information can be stored anywhere in the world without strong privacy laws. It claims companies that you don't know can then access your entire Facebook profile and use that information in ways you didn't directly agree to.

According to comparitech, you can remove all permissions except your public profile and Facebook timeline posts, and still play the quiz. However, they say most people won't bother.

So, what does comparitech recommend you do? They say if you want to authenticate a Facebook quiz app, make sure to check permissions and read the privacy policy or terms of use.

Since comparitech posted their article, Vonvon.me has responded to it. One thing Vonvon.me said is that it does not sell data to third parties. You can click here to see their full response.

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