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WATCH OUT: Retailers step up sneakiness in time for holiday shopping season

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Retailers are bringing out the tricks this holiday season, in hopes of getting you to spend more.

Good news, there are ways to get around it.

Free shipping

First, make sure the company is really offering free shipping. Most online retailers will set a minimum threshold for it, sometimes at 50 percent higher than the average order value. The key is making sure you're not spending $30 more than you planned, just to save $9 for free shipping.

On Sale

We all love to see those big, bold "Sale" signs. Turns out, though, that is just a trick to get people in the store. Once, you're in, research shows you're likely to buy non-sale items.

Eye level

It isn't a coincidence that everything you end up buying just happens to be placed at eye level. If a store really wants customers to buy an item, they're going to place it where you're most likely going to see it. That includes particularly favored items, which retailers will typically highlight at the ends of aisles.

Dynamic actions

Retailers will try to get you using dynamic pricing or discounts. This means online stores will sometimes show different prices to different consumers, based on their browsing and buying history. You might see this same tactic used for coupon offers.

To get around it, you can try using a different browser, or clear out your history and cookies.

There's an app for that

Don't forget that a lot of stores have their own app. That means if you download it, there's a good probability you'll find deals that are only offered to people that use the app. That goes for people who get the store credit card, as well. Some retailers will increase a coupon discount if you have the store's credit card.

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