High School Goes Code Yellow

High School Goes Code Yellow
By: Arnold Wyrick
Mount Vernon, Illinois - A series of shootings in the Mount Vernon area rippled onto the high school campus on Tuesday. School leaders locked the campus down and issued a Code Yellow Alert.
"We watch for anything out of the ordinary, strange vehicles, strange people coming onto campus. All the doors are locked, and teachers lock their classrooms. We also restrict the amount of hall passes students have around the buildings," says Superintendent Terry Milt.
The lock down came in response from information received from the Mount Vernon Police Department, that a drive-by shooting could happen at the school. The drive-by never happened, but students were still affected by the security alert.
"I was worried about the shootout. I didn't want to get shot. And so during classes I didn't ask to go to the bathroom, and I was scared to go out of the class," says Kevin Long a Freshman at M.V.H.S.
On Wednesday the sprawling campus was a buzz with talk of being locked inside their school building for hours.
"We weren't allowed to leave, there was a staff member by each door. And they locked all the doors so no one could get out," says Chris Campbell a Freshman at M.V.H.S.
Superintendent Wilt says the added precaution kept everyone safe indoors, instead of calling off school, and risking someone getting hurt.
"If you've looked around our campus we have 13 buildings, 11 individual buildings so security is difficult at times when you have that many buildings. Our teachers responded great on Tuesday, the students responded great. The Code Yellow worked well for what we needed to do. So I'd say the plan was good," Superintendent Wilt said.
Meanwhile Mount Vernon police are still looking for 5 suspects, out of the 7 they say were involved with a series of shootings in the southern neighborhoods of town.