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Everyday Hero: Virginia Ford


“Everything I do is different.”

Good luck tracking down Virginia Ford. She’s always on the move.

When Virginia isn’t planning trips to exotic locales, she volunteers.

That includes two days a week at the Cape Girardeau Senior Center where she helps deliver meals to the home bound.

“And people are very appreciative," said Everyday Hero Virginia Ford. "Especially the ones we deliver meals to.”

You’ll also see her at the Red Cross or during the summer at the Riverfront Farmer’s Market.

“You gotta stay active," she said. "It’s keeps you young and going. You forget about your aches and pains while you’re doing it.”

You certainly wouldn’t pick up on any of her aches and pains.

Born outside Portageville, Virginia married right out of high school and had a son.

“I learned at a young age to be adaptable and to take the opportunity to make the best out of the situation that you’ve been in," she said.

She worked in a factory for years until she decided it was time to go back to school.

“I didn’t use that degree as intended but it did give me the confidence that I could do for myself.”

And she did.

Virginia later went back to nursing school and used that job to move from coast to coast for about 20 years.

She worked in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins and in Athens, Ga. and along the West Coast.

She would use her days off to soak in the culture and tour national parks along the way.

“I had been traveling with my job and I came back home and decided I don’t think I have to go to work anymore.”

The traveling bug didn’t go away though.

She just got back from London a few weeks ago.

But now, it’s sprinkled in with the work she does through RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program,which places her with organizations around Cape Girardeau.

“I had a friend once that said if I don’t get paid for it I’m not going to put my time in," Virginia recalled. "But I get paid in a whole lot of ways other than monetary that’s a lot better to me.”

She’s cultivated a second family; not one of blood but still full of love.

“And I have the faith that when I can no longer do it, that there will be people, that I will get help that I need. There will be volunteers still around.”      

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