Blackbirds Baited By Poison

Blackbirds Baited By Poison
By: Ryan Tate
Malden, Missouri - The United States Department of Agriculture suspects more than five million blackbirds live in Malden. That makes some residents not very happy. More than five thousand dollars has been donated to the city in an effort to eradicate the birds. So to do it, U.S.D.A. specialists use bait, and then poison.
"The sky is black with birds as far as you can see in every direction," U.S.D.A. specialist Robert Byrd said. "I wouldn't want to golf out here, or live out here....There is definitely an aroma. There's about an inch of waste on the ground and it will kill the grass and kill the trees."
Malden Mayor Ray Santie says the city has tried cannons, and sirens to get rid of the birds, but with no luck. He says the blackbird problems has been in the area for more than 35 years. He hopes the poison works better than other things tried in the past.
"Whether or not it works is yet to be seen. Maybe we can make a dent in the population," Santie said.
Byrd says the poison does not hurt humans or other animals that come in contact with the birds. So far, city employees have picked up more than 5,000 dead birds. Byrd expects the blackbirds to leave Malden with then next two to three weeks.