TOY TESTERS: Ms. Jones' 1st grade class in Sikeston try before you buy

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Ms. Jones first-grade class at Matthews Elementary School in Sikeston tested out the Ninja Turtles Flying Heroes toy, the Wubble Bubble, a Frozen magnet activity book, and the Lego friends veterinarian set.

Ninja Turtles Flying Heroes:

It's a high-flying crime-fighting friend.

"Pull really fast so he can go really high," one boy said.

The boys of Ms. Jones first grade class liked the toy, but say it takes some practice.

"If you're facing it that way and you pull the string, really fast, it'll just go where you're pointing it and sometimes it will hit people and it hurts," another child said.

Plus, the string tends to stick.

The grade for the Ninja Turtles Flying Heroes averaged an "A-."

Wubble Bubble Ball:

"It feels like jelly," explained one boy.

Looks like a bubble, plays like a ball.

"It is so cool!" One student said.

It was the class' favorite toy and like the box says, it won't pop. However, unlike the box says, it didn't come with everything you need to blow it up.

"It says it comes with petroleum jelly but there was none. And you have to have that to get the nozzle in," Ms. Kimberly Jones said.

Even then, Mrs. Jones said it was tricky.

"It takes two or three minutes to get it started which would not be fun Christmas morning when they just want to play," Ms. Jones said.

The kids give the Wubble an "A-."

Frozen Magnet Activity Book:

"[It is a] Frozen magnet dress up," one girl said.

It's an activity book where kids can mix and match with magnets, but the kids say it's really not that cool.

"I thought there was going to be more to it than that," a student said.

These girls say it comes with only one scene and not enough characters.

"It's not really fun because it's just two people on the book," one child said.

They say it might be better for younger kids, but still, the magnets aren't that great.

"They fall off," another child explained.

While the girls love "Frozen," they sure don't love this.

"They're small pieces and you can lose them," said one of the girls.

The class gives the Frozen Magnet Activity Set a "D."

Lego Friends Veterinarian Set:

It's a new twist on a classic toy.

"You get to build all these pieces together and it's really fun," a student said.

It's the Lego friends veterinarian set geared toward little girls.

"You get to build it a lot," a child explained.

The girls say it takes team work and concentration to get it just right especially if you're following the instructions.

"It takes a long time to build it," one girl said.

While the box is pink and purple, parents might want to know who played with it more.

"Even though it was kind of a 'girlier' set, the boys are definitely more interested in Legos across the board," Ms. Jones said.

Still these toy testers give the Lego friends set a "B."

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