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Brookport resident remembers 2 year anniversary of deadly tornado


Brookport is a different community today, some folks left town after the tornado hit, but now move than a dozen homes are being rebuilt and the people who remain plan to keep it going.

“It’s been two years today, but it’s still hard…really hard,” Brookport resident, Norma Varvel said.

Sixty-one-year-old Norma Varvel lives on West 3rd Street, in the same spot that took away her home two years ago.

“I never thought it would happen in this little town…never,” she said.

Norma was with her granddaughter inside her home when the tornado ripped through it.

“The trailer lifted up, went up in the air, I guess it knocked us out,” she said.

After coming back from the hospital and seeing the damage the EF3 tornado caused to the Brookport community, Norma said she was at a loss for words.

“There wasn’t nothing here, nothing,” she said, holding back tears. “It was just like…cleaned off.”

A natural disaster that took the lives of three people, one of whom was Norma’s sister in law, Scholitta Burrus.

“It was like a nightmare when I found out she had died,” Norma said.

In the past two years, the city has been taking steps towards progression, with new houses being built in the area and families able to call a place home again.

“We’ve gotten through it,” Norma said.

When asked where she would like her new trailer built, she said without hesitation that she wanted it where she always called home: in the exact same spot before the tornado hit.

“This is my hometown, this is where I’ve lived all my life,” she said.

She said although it’s hard moving forward, her and the community keep going.

“At the end, everything will work out right…everything,” she said.

Folks at City Hall say within the next few years, the city hopes to be back on track in growing the population.

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