TOY TESTERS: Jonesboro Elementary students try them before you buy them

TOY TESTERS: Jonesboro Elementary students try them before you buy them

JONESBORO, IL (KFVS) - Second grade students at Jonesboro Elementary are the expert toy testers for the Make Your Own Robot Toy, the Despicable Me Minion 3-D puzzle, and the Thunder Tumbler.

Make Your Own Robot Toy:

It's a science project with a fun flare.

"You can put stuff on it and it can walk around," one student explained.

This toy from Project MC Squared is a hit with the girls. You can dress it up in all kinds of silly ways.

"The uni-brow," one girl giggled.

However, they admit, set up was a little tough.

"It was kind of hard to find the soda can," a child said.

Parents, make sure you've got the can handy and are ready to help.

"It was kind of hard to figure it out," another student explained.

Some of the girls wish it was even more realistic.

"I wish it could talk like a robot," a girl said.

Overall, though, the build your own robot got mostly an "A" from these toy testers.

Despicable Me Minion 3-D puzzle:

Up next a 3-D Minion Puzzle.

"It was really hard because it has I don't know maybe 91 pieces," a student said.

The tricky little Despicable Me character gave these second graders a tough time.

"It kept ripping," said one boy.

The pieces wouldn't stay together. Plus, it was just too hard, despite the fact that the box says it's for ages eight years and up. So, their teacher took it to eighth graders to work on and even THEY had trouble.

"They put it together and it did come back with tape all over it and it's still kind of falling apart. It is really cool to look at though," Ms. Lane McFadden said.

Most kids were generous and gave it a "C," but no one here wants this minion on Christmas morning. All the students gave the minion puzzle a "thumbs down."

Thunder Tumbler:

The Thunder Tumbler isn't your average remote control car.

"It can do wheelies and it has another wheel on the back," one boy said.

It was an added thrill for these high-energy drivers, but they did say a classroom wasn't the best place for it.

"You need a little bigger space," another student explained.

They said the batteries held out well, but are not included.

The boys gave this toy an "A."

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