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Perryville, MO student suggests 'buddy bench' to help classmates make friends


For some kids, making new friends at school can be scary.

A third grade student from Perryville hopes installing a "buddy bench" will make it easier for her and her classmates.

What started out as an idea led to Ava Moll writing a letter to her school principal asking that a bench be installed on the elementary school playground, but not just any bench, a buddy bench.

"When kids are lonely they go sit there so other kids know, they look at that kid and say, 'hey, they need a buddy,’” said Ava Moll.

Ava said she knows how crumby it feels to be alone and she doesn't want her classmates to ever feel left out.

"They have feelings too and if you were that person you wouldn't want to be treated like that either,” she said.

School leaders were thrilled with the concept and asked her to draw out her plans.

"I think it is a great idea and a good indication that they need somebody to play with,” said Elementary School Principal Jennifer Streiler.

Ava brought life to her idea, incorporating her school colors and mascot into three different designs.

School leaders hope to install the district's first buddy bench next year.

Big news for a kid with an even bigger heart.

"Just super happy. Just really happy times,” said Ava.

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