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Google changes how you access privacy settings


Google users listen up.   

The search engine giant just revamped your privacy settings and how you can control what is shared publicly.

Called the “About Me” page, you have access to information like your search history, contact information, birthday and work history all on one screen.

You can edit the information or change who can see it.

There is also a link to “Privacy Checkup.” This was developed by Google as a step-by-step instruction on what information the site collects about you and ways you can change it.

For example, you can pause “location history” and the site will no longer store your location searches or location pings long-term.

It is important to note, if you pause an activity, that will only prevent it from occurring again. It will not delete information already saved. Though there are links you can follow to delete past data.

"It's always good to take precautions. Don't make yourself widely available by saying hey here's my date of birth, I go here all the time,” Modern Technology owner Ryan Evans said. “Be cautious, be conservative. You never know who you're giving your information to."

Companies will often collect data to improve websites and apps as well as offer specialized advertisements.

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