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JCPenney employees help family after losing pregnant daughter

(Source: Rae Daniel, KFVS) (Source: Rae Daniel, KFVS)

An Illinois family is mourning after a horrible tragedy - losing their pregnant daughter.

After trying to figure out how to pay for funeral arrangements, complete strangers came in and offered some help.

Breanna Brewer was just 21 years old when she passed away on Tuesday. She was pregnant with a baby girl.

 “She was six months pregnant, first grandbaby,” Michael Brewer said, fighting back the tears.

Michael and Shirley Brewer say her daughter was one of a kind.

“She would just walk up and hug you,” Shirley Brewer said.

Since Breanna had been pregnant, her parents say her blood pressure had become uncontrollable.

“The aorta in her heart blew,” Michael Brewer said. “They said in a matter of five to eight seconds, she was gone.”

Yesterday Breanna's family went to JCPenney in Carbondale, picking an outfit for their daughter.

That’s where they met Joe Womick and Karissa Yoast.

“Him and her both were just unbelievable how much they just jumped right in and tried to pick out the colors and everything that we asked for,” Michael Brewer said.

 “I was actually getting ready to leave for the day and the gentleman came up to me and asked me for help and of course as our number one priority, is to help the customer,” Womick said. “And then after I got to find out their story on what he was in the store for…it just broke my heart.”

“I couldn’t imagine losing a child and I just really felt for them,” Yoast said.

Both Womick and Yoast helped them pick out the perfect outfit for Breanna at no cost to her parents, but they weren’t done.

“He proceeded to look at us and tell us that the store was ours,” Michael Brewer said. “Whatever we wanted, and they outfitted my wife, my son and myself.”

The outfits were all free to the family. They were complete strangers helping a family in need.

“Just blew our minds,” Michael Brewer said.

“That’s what we’re here to do," Womick said.

JCPenney was able to pay for the costs through donations.

Michael and Shirley say they have also gotten so much help from their church and their pastor as well.

Funeral services for Breanna will be held Friday at 11 a.m. at the Jubilee Tabernacle in De Soto, Illinois.

For more information, click here.

There is a GoFundMe page to help with the remaining of Breanna's funeral arrangements. 

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