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Study: One week away from Facebook could improve your life

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A new study suggests staying off Facebook, even for just a week, might actually improve your life.

The study, released by the Happiness Research Institute, gathered 1,095 people in Denmark for the study and asked them to evaluate their life satisfaction.

They then asked half of the people in the group to do just one thing: stop using Facebook for one week.

Before the challenge, participants answered multiple questions about their current usage of Facebook.

  • 94% of people said they visited Facebook as part of a daily routine 
  • 86% said they browse their news feed often or very often 
  • 78% said they used Facebook for at least 30 minutes a day 
  • 61% said they prefer to post their 'good sides' on Facebook
  • 69% said they prefer to post pictures of their experiences

After a week, participants were asked to evaluate their level of life satisfaction again.

The control group who had taken a break from Facebook said they were more satisfied with their lives.

On the last day of the experiment, all participants were asked what moods they experienced that day; the Facebook-removed group said they felt happier, less sad and lonely, more decisive, less angry or worried, more enthusiastic, and less depressed.

Participants who took a break from Facebook also said they experienced an increase in their satisfaction with their social lives.

Overall, the study says people on Facebook are 55% more likely to feel stressed than their unplugged counterparts, and are 39% more likely to feel less happy than their friends.

Those who took a break are 18% more likely to feel "present" in the moment.

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