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Tips and tricks for Android phone users

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We know many of you like to watch the news with your smartphone or tablet. It's cool. We're down with the madness!

Last week, we had some cool tips and tricks for you iPhone lovers. This week, some advice for android users.

Some phone experts will tell you iPhones are easier to use. Android phones are for the phone geeks. The people who want more control and to learn every little thing their phone can do.  

Eric Bennett, co-owner of Velosity Electronics in Cape Girardeau, agrees.

"If you like to tinker with it and want more control of it," Bennett said, "Android is going to give you a lot more options."

S.O.S. safety feature

One of Bennet's favorite features is specific to his Samsung phone.  A cool safety feature where the user can send an S.O.S. text to a friend or family member.

Go to Settings>Safety Assistance>Manage Emergency Contacts.  

Great if you're ever in an accident or in danger. Hit the Power Button three times fast while your phone is locked and the phone will send a picture and a text with your coordinates, along with a map to whomever you have set up as your emergency contact.

Battery saver

Eric also takes advantage of a cool feature specific to Samsung phones: Ultra Power Mode.

If you turn this feature on, the phone will take your color display to black and white and turn off all functions except calls and texts. So, if your phone has 49 percent battery life, in Ultra Power Saving Mode, it will have six days worth of standby time.

Android's newest operating system is called Marshmallow and it comes with something cool called The Doze, another real battery saver.

"It will learn your patterns, when you use your phone and when you don't," Bennett said. "And will put your phone into a deep hibernation until you use it."

App backup

Marshmallow will help Android users with a new automatic app backup. It will automatically back up any app you're using, including all the data, to Google Drive. Before, it was a lot more difficult.  

Phone security

Android users will also have better security on their mini SD cards. Those can be purchased separately and really expand your memory. With Marshmallow, the cards will be married to the phone you use. They will not be able to be used with another device. Better security for the user.

Finally, Android will start sending out monthly security patches in an effort to make your phone more secure.  

If you are an iPhone user and you missed the report on tips and tricks for iPhones, here's a link to that story.

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