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FBI: Firearm background checks this year could break record


Most local gun shop owners say contrary to the record, they're actually seeing record low gun sales, but one businessman in Sikeston said his sales are booming.

"I've noticed more gun sales this year than any other year that I've been here," assistant manager James Smith said.

Smith said they're having a great year here at Paul's Pawn shop. 

He said it's no surprise gun sales are up nationwide considering how guns hold their value.

"It's more of an investment than anything else," Smith said. "Guns are something that if you look back, they always hold a value, it's kind of like gold almost, and they're always worth something."

According the FBI, November is the sixth straight record setting month for firearm background checks.

If gun sales continue at this rate, this year will break the record set in 2013.

One factor boosting rifle sales here, Smith believes more people are taking advantage of deer season.

"There's always the hunting aspect where you can provide for your family," he said. "It's a safe investment for the most part as long as you're buying the right gun for the right price."

Licensed firearms dealers like Paul's are required to run background checks, it's one reason why experts believe an increase in licenses means more gun sales overall.

Smith calls that increase a positive record.

"In my opinion, it's a good thing, as long as you're doing it legally," Smith said. "I can always account for guns that are legally purchased and I think it's a good thing people are buying them legally."

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