Does It Work: Clever Key

Does It Work: Clever Key

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Is your key ring too bulky, jingly, or just too big? An As Seen On TV product called Clever Key claims to simplify your key ring with its compact key organizing solution.

To test this product, we turned to Gina Thomas, maintenance supervisor for First Presbyterian Church in downtown Cape Girardeau.

Thomas has a key to everything in the building and a few extra. She said her bulky key chain sometimes disrupts church business.

"If someone's having a meeting here at church I have to hold my keys as I walk because I don't want jingle all the way by," said Thomas. "They'll think Rudolph is coming or something."

Can Clever Key help Thomas go about her business more quietly? Thomas was eager to find out. She opened the packaging and unscrewed both sides of the Clever Key to reveal two prongs designed for holding the keys in place.

Inside the plastic packaging, a small baggie contained washers and prong extenders to allow Clever Key to expand to allegedly hold as many as 12 keys.

Thomas hooked her nine keys onto Clever Key and screwed two screws back into place to reattach the top bracket to lock the keys into place.

Thomas was immediately impressed by the pocket-knife like design.

"I like it," said Thomas. "No more hanging keys."

We still had to put it to the test. Thomas had some trouble in that she had to remove her color-coded key covers that help her determine which key is which, but the product worked as advertised and opened locks very easily.

Thomas said she really liked the dual LED lights on either end of Clever Key that allow the user to find a keyhole in the dark.

"The light doesn't stay on the whole time but it's long enough to let you get the key in the door," said Thomas.

Thomas said her favorite feature of using the Clever Key was her newly acquired ability to walk from project to project in sweet silence.

"I don't have the jingle," said Thomas. "I don't have to hold my keys when I go by a door and they're having a meeting. Two thumbs up."

Thomas liked Clever Key so much that she went out and purchased her own immediately following our video shoot.

We purchased Clever Key at Dollar General for $10.

Thomas gave Clever Key 5 stars on our Does It Work test.

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