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5 facing charges in connection with Kennett man's death


Three years after a Kennett, Missouri father of four died of a drug overdose, five people are facing criminal charges in connection with his death.

The family of 32-year-old Johnathan Coffer say they never gave up hope that someone would be held responsible.

According to court documents, Jonathon Coffer died after being injected with methamphetamine and beaten on November 10, 2012.

Coffer's death happened at 1501 George Street in Kennett, Mo. at the home of Calvin Furlow Jr.

Coffer was allegedly invited to Furlow's home because he had methamphetamine.

Court documents state that other people there invited him over thinking he would give them some of this drug. After Coffer said he wanted payment for the methamphetamine, an argument allegedly broke out.

What started out as a verbal argument allegedly led to physical fight between Coffer and Furlow. Coffer was allegedly injured after Furlow hit him. 

An autopsy was preformed on Coffer, which court documents state showed the probable cause of death was acute methamphetamine intoxication.

It was also established in the autopsy that there were multiple superficial blunt force injuries to the head and the chest area. The report said that the pathologist felt that none of the injuries would have been fatal, leaving the cause of the death due to methamphetamine.

According to court documents, during an interview with police, Furlow stated that while Jessica Chapin was kneeling over Coffer a needle fell out of her bra.

Court documents state that Chapin, Larry Lance and Furlow also cleaned the house after Coffer's death.

Coffer's body was allegedly moved outside by Derrick Furlow, James Furlow and another person and was allegedly placed by the road for about 30 minutes at one point. Coffer's body was then allegedly brought back into the home.

Court records show that Jennifer Cauble, of Kennett, was also at the home that night. It is stated that Cauble brought a box inside that contained a new vacuum cleaner and also helped Lance take trash out that may have contained some evidence.

The report also stated that during the altercation with Coffer and Furlow, Larry Lance helped Furlow while Furlow was hitting Coffer.

On January 31, 2015, officers spoke with a cell mate of Furlow, who allegedly said that Coffer told him that he had robbed Coffer for the methamphetamine.

He also allegedly said that Furlow told him that while he was hitting Coffer, Coffer's head hit the toilet or bathtub. While that happened, Furlow allegedly jumped on top of Coffer and continued hitting him.

Furlow then allegedly said that Coffer was shot up with meth so it would look like an overdose.

The report also stated that Furlow used Coffer's phone to call 911. This was allegedly after Furlow took money and property from Coffer while he was dead in Furlow's home for roughly three hours.

Derrick Furlow, Jennifer Cauble and Larry Lance are all charged with two counts of tampering with evidence. 

James Furlow and Jessica Chapin are both charged with second degree murder, robbery and two tampering with evidence charges.

All five are from Kennett and are being held in the Dunklin County Jail.

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