Rumors Circulating About Millersville Post Office Closing

Rumors Circulating About Millersville Post Office Closing
By: Amy Jacquin

Millersville residents are campaigning to keep their post office open. It lost its lease last month and temporarily relocated. But now rumors are surfacing about it closing for good, despite assurances from the regional postal director out of Kansas City.

Amy Koehler is one of about 30 people using post office boxes at Millersville. The temporary location at a busy gas station is not as convenient as the old location on a side street, but definitely better than having none at all.

"It would be difficult," says Koehler. "My mom and step-dad work all day and cannot make it here between 10 and 2. And it's often difficult in the course of a busy day to make an extra trip into another town."

"I know someone in the Post Masters Association, and his contacts tell him they are, in fact, closing it," says Roger Moyer.

Moyer owns Millersville Gas and uses a P.O. box. He doesn't want to drive 14 miles round-trip to the nearest town to get his mail.

"If we lose the post office, we lose the identity of our community," he believes. "People would be afraid to relocate here and live here."

"We get lots of inquiries," confirms post office employee Paula Andrews.

Andrews explains there are about 500 homes on the Millersville route in addition to the 30 P.O. boxes. But even she can't say what's in store for the Millersville location.

"I really don't know," she shakes her head.

A spokesman with Congresswoman JoAnn Emerson's office says she spoke with the Mid-America District Manager, Omer Rogers. He assures her they are looking for another lease location in Millersville.

"I'm still worried because I've tried, but I've not been able to independently verify that," says Moyer.

We did speak with several Millersville residents who do have land they're willing to lease for the post office. But none of them have yet talked with anyone about a lease agreement.

However, one person did receive a letter asking all interested people to contact the postal service. It's soliciting business owners interested in carrying stamps and other supplies, as well. They feel it's a good sign the post office will stay in the area.

Moyer says he got that same letter, and interprets it to mean they're looking to permanently close the office.

Heartland News calls to the regional director were not returned Tuesday.