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"Ice Volcanoes on Pluto"

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The space probe "New Horizons" has discovered the possibility of two ice volcanoes on the surface of Pluto when it flew past the dwarf planet back in July.

Unlike your typical volcano seen on Earth which deals in molten rock, these Pluto volcanoes would likely erupt an icy slush of substances such as water, nitrogen, ammonia or methane, according to an article by BBC News.

During the 47th annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences, these findings were discussed a great deal to determine the validity of the findings.

They have no conclusions as of yet and seem to think that if they could gather more information on the composition of the materials making up the local terrain, they would have a better understanding of the structures. 

"If we can constrain the compositions of these features then we'd have something to work with, with respect to modeling how this particular ice would behave if it were to be erupted volcanically, and what sort of relief it might be able to sustain," said Dr Oliver White from the US space agency.

Meanwhile, the Pluto flyby data will continue to come in to NASA which takes time due to the great distance of the probe from Earth. 

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