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Police: Phone scammer claims to be investigator

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Marion Police warn there is another another phone scam targeting alert citizens in southern Illinois, but that this kind of call could happen anywhere in the Heartland.

Police say the caller is a man with a foreign accent calling himself as "Ivan Barette" from Florida, and claiming to be an investigator working on an identity theft case.

He says he wants to verify the person's banking and personal information for the case he is working.

Marion investigators say the person targeted did not provide any information to the scammer, and called Marion Police right after hanging up.

Police say if you get any phone call asking you to give your personal information, social security number or banking information over the phone, it is almost always a scam. The people who make these kinds of calls can be very convincing, and can sometimes even resort to threats, saying they will call the police or other law enforcement to arrest or retrieve the information they are looking for.

According to investigators, these callers often prey on older citizens, who have often been taught not to be rude to people on the phone. Experts say the scammers count on those manners and use their victim's civility to pressure them.

Police say it is not rude to deny something as important as personal information over the phone. Their advice: say no, hang up, and call police if you get a call like this.

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